What's going on?   Where it's at?   You knew about that party?   Heard that DJ is in town man!   Is it raining?   You think it's happening, like a really happening place?   Wonder if it's packed?   Dude, last time you said it would be dope...   You think it will be windy?   Wonder if there will be any cute guys around?   Why can't we find anything to do with the kids in this city?   Only if there was an app that would tell me all I want to know.   Better be people our age at that event.   Wonder what there is to do at this time of the day.   Oh girl, I can't believe I missed Taylor coming to town!!   Where you at?   Send me directions how to get to you!   Wonder if they get down in Barcelona like we do?    Is Austin as cool as they say it is?   A lot of things take place in South Bend.   Not feeling that event, anything else going on?   A tornado watch??? WTF?   When is that train going to be there?   What is the best event going on right now?   I feel like dancing, any live music going on?   Wish I would have planned better, freaking SNOW IN APRIL??!!   Hmmm, black sweater or parka?   Gonna Uber or drive, wonder how traffic will be?   We need to avoid that area, will never make it in time if we drive through there.   Is Chagos in Austin as magical as they say it is?   Really feeling like supporting some local food trucks, but where are they today?   I just want to go out with the hubby and enjoy a live music event with a crowd that is not too too young.   It's hard keeping up with you, where are you at right now?   I heard Tejano Rap is taking off, any events like that going on?   I just want to find the closest happy hour.   That place was too packed last time, can we find something less full?   That place always seems to be the place to be, but how truthful are they with their promotions?   Does the other part of the world take partying as seriously as we do?   I miss the outdoors.   Where is the rally at?   We have to avoid the touristy places in this city.   Oh snap, the pumpkins are in town!!   We know how to get down in the 915.   La Perla in Austin, TX is always happening!   SXSW is soooo freaking hard to keep track of, where do we go next?   Hmmm, those super cells are getting too close for my comfort.   If it's 88 degree in Austin, why is it 55 degrees in Dallas?   Hope the Northeast enjoys their snow while in the South we will take our 80 degree weather.   What if we formed a mega world wide team to keep everyone informed of what's really happening event wise??   That would be so so cool, like an app for everybodee (pun intended)... One community reporting.